These are testimonials of Robin Nottingham’s clients who have made the following comments, on an attorney rating website, after their cases have been concluded:

“I was so fortunate to be referred to Robin when I was faced with my ex-wife wanting to move our two boys out of the state and out of my life. Not knowing anything about all the complexities of a custody battle, Robin was available 24-7, on weekends, and so accessible as an attorney AND someone who became a good family friend of mine. She is very thorough in her research on the legal complexities of my case, especially being that I was the father of the children instead of the mother (who had the advantage). Without her astute understanding and grasp of the many different aspects of a custody battle that have NOTHING to do with legal precedent or evidence, I doubt I would have won the right to remain in my sons’ lives. In fact, I won custody of them when their mother insisted on moving out of the state. I cannot say enough great things about Robin. She was always patient and always explained everything to me when I had questions. What makes her stand apart from others is her “heart” — she understands the emotional turmoil you go through when you’re fighting for the most important thing in your life.”

– AVVO User, January 2010

 “Ms. Nottingham is an experienced and compassionate professional. She worked diligently on my case and kept in contact with me at all times. I highly recommend Ms. Nottingham for your legal needs. She is very knowledgeable with local laws and has your best interest. She does not over charge and makes your case her priority.”

– AVVO User, December 2009

 “Robin empathizes with her clients and believes in her cases. I have a great deal owed to Robin for the all the help she has provided for myself and my three boys.”

– AVVO user, February, 2011

Even one of Robin Nottingham’s client’s children wrote to her after he had reached adulthood:

“I want to sincerely thank you for the job you did in getting custody of me back to my mother. This made a huge difference in my life, for the better. I have graduated from college, I have an excellent job, and I am happily married with my own children. This would not have happened, had you not represented my Mom, so that I could return to live with and be raised by her. I sincerely thank you for doing this for me.”

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